Saturday 27 February 2016

Mother's Day shopping evening at Lytham St Annes High School

Here's a snapshot of my stall at a local Mother's day shopping evening.  It's been a long time since I've been to a craft fair so I was suitably  apprehensive.  However, there were so many familiar faces and interested customers that I found myself chatting away and having a lovely time.

After a successful evening, I now need to get back into my little room and start creating a new set of pictures for the next event.  I can't wait to get started.

Saturday 22 February 2014

A little bit of everything

This week I've had a lovely time playing with paints.  I've had a go at using water colours.  I enjoyed myself, but feel a lot more practice might improve the end result.

I have made 5 colourful cushions for a friend who wants to make the reading area in her classroom into a sensory haven.  Some of the fabric was textured.  I rally like the cushions as they are all cheerful and different.

Yesterday I had a play with the transfer paints again with the intention of making a few cards. I used inspiration from Louise Ranouf's book to help me.  I love this book as it makes me think outside of the box and makes me have a go at trying new things.


Thursday 20 February 2014


Yesterday I had the most lovely walk through Witch Wood in StAnnes/Lytham
My parents and nieces came for lunch and then we took the dog out for a wander.  my lovely daughter and 2 of her friends came too.  It was a lovely afternoon.

                                         I think this looks like the ears from Roald Dahl's BFG!

Both of my parents love flora and fauna and the great outdoors, so no walk would be complete without noticing the plants and some of the shapes made by the blown down trees.  I know my Dad will go home and sketch some of these with coloured  pencils.  He's very talented (but he keeps it a secret!)

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Transfer Paint and birthday treats.

Today I have my daughters friends round to celebrate her 14th Birthday.  We have bought plenty of T-Shirts and intend to use the transfer paints to create some bespoke night wear.

Others prefer to use stamps.
 First the paint is applied to paper and left to dry.
Some of us like to work free hand.

 We all like to natter whilst the paint dries
All of the transfers needed to be ironed onto the tie dyed T shirts.
These are 2 that are finished. 

Happy 14th Birthday Faye x

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Colourful cover

Now that I'm working again and can't sew every day I have decided to take a little bit of stitched comfort with me.  So I have been crafting away to create this cover for my folder.

It began with the large Pink flower and some free machine stitching.  I then played with the green ribbon.  I love the bright shades.  I cut the blue petals out and intended to make a flower, but my machine took a dislike to them and chewed a could up.  This left me with too few to make the petal design I'd intended to use and thus became a type of double tulip.  The 3rd and final flower was made using fabrics that I dyed in my first ever batch.  

this banner nameI decided that the grey felt I intended to attach the panel to was just too drab and boring, so I have been to one of my favourite shops in Blackpool  It's called Johnsons and it's on Bond Street.

I selected 2 meters of the pink velvet ribbon and 2 meters of the blue silk.  I love the vibrant colours of these, especially together.  They are also beautifully tactile.

  The end result has made me happy, even the wonky bits.  They will provide me with the excuse to keep practicing!

Saturday 8 February 2014

Soluble fabric

I have had a go at using the soluble fabric that I bought yesterday.

I saw Kin Thittichai's work and used her suggestions.  She put 1 layer of fleece down as a base and laid down.threads, paper, fabrics and any other bits and bobs she had to hand.

                                                           I added captions from a magazine.
                                                                            Then fabric.

The final phase was to rinse the solufleece out using warm water.

i'm glad I've had a play with this technique.  I think it needs perfecting and then i might be able to add a pretty edging to a scarf.